Different Ways Live Theatre Saves the World| Local Theatre

A lot of people these days think that live theater maybe going away. But there many reasons why this is actually not the case. It’s been decades with this question, but we can see that even though theater is somewhat diminished from what it used to be, people still go see live performances for various different reasons.

The number one reason is that it’s live human beings. Live theater is a universal phenomenon and its present in every society in the world (even the most technologically advanced). Human beings are the only animals on the face the earth that could possibly create something like theater. It helps us understand what it means to be human, and seeing live human beings on stage going through life and acting out all the different roles that we play in our own lives every day is a great way to understand the world.

Another good reason is simply through self-expression. Theatre can teach us how to express ourselves effectively. It’s a live demonstration on a human being’s ability to communicate feelings and thoughts of people. In this way, we can learn from theater as to how to approach different relationships and generally improve the world around us.

Another great thing my theater teaches us is how the environment in which characters and can help shape who they are what they become and ultimately their future and destiny. Our own minds and the minds of others are always a mystery your ourselves by viewing human beings on stage going through a similar situation to our own lives we can kind of see how our environment helps determine who we are and where we are going

Another great thing about theater is that it consists of things that can teach people about history. Reading a textbook, with all admitted, is pretty boring for most people. But, with theater you can make history come alive right before the audience. In this way learning about history can be more fun and dare I say it, it could even be entertaining.

Theatre also reminds us, that living breathing human beings are behind everything even in the digital age. Watching technology work for humans on stage could help remind us all that technology should work for us instead of us working for technology.

In the age of globalization, like it or not, we have to deal with other people from cultures that we may not understand. By studying their performances on stage and watching their live actors replicate their own way of life, we can help understand their culture and their point of view. So in a way what watching people perform live on stage is a great way to bring people together and realize that we are all human, and we can be less ethnocentric and self-serving and more accepting of other people even in other countries.

Watching people act on stage can also underscore how we all have to act in our own personal lives. We have to admit that in work and in an our relationships with other people we are always putting on a performance. Understanding these performances and how the events unfold around us can help us understand the different dynamics between different relationships that we have with other people. And we can take advantage of the fact that we know that a lot of what we do is seen by them as well as a performance.

It’s also a great way to experiment with them to understand social change. Theater is kind of like a laboratory where people get together and study the different solutions to problems that we confront. It’s a great way for us to look in the mirror and say well what if we change things “this way” or “that way”.

In addition to history, is a great way to learn about things in general. Learning anything in a theatrical setting makes it more fun. We may be taught about people, places, or just simply different ideas that we may not otherwise be exposed to.

Ultimately though, the biggest thing that theater brings in our lives, and main thing that live performances help stress is simply creativity. Where in school, the emphasis is always on science, technology, math, and we cannot forget the importance of art and creativity. Live theater helps us understand, that creativity is essential to the life of every human being.