Other People’s Money

A Play by Jerry Sterner

Show 3 | January 31st – February 15th, 2015

Mark Hetelson (Lawrence) & Kari Budyk (Kate)

After the housing bubble fiasco of 2005 and the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008, even the most financially naïve American realized that our Capitalist system is not a ship that steers itself. People wield power and greedy people can make life unpleasant for everyone. In this award-winning play, we meet Lawrence Garfinkle, a greedy man who is willing and ready to destroy other people in order to make a profit for himself. We see how Mr. Garfinkle chooses a small company that’s in trouble and decides to take it over to liquidate it, regardless of the people who may lose their livelihoods as a result. Mr.Garfinkle is a shark in a goldfish bowl, but he is also an American success story. This play explores the irony that has turned a shark into a hero.



Saturday, Jan. 31 at 2PM & 8PM

Sunday, Feb. 1 at 2PM

Thursday, Feb. 5 at 8PM

Friday, Feb. 6 at 8PM

Saturday, Feb. 7 at 2PM & 8PM

Sunday, Feb. 8 at 2PM

Thursday, Feb. 12 at 8PM

Friday, Feb. 13 at 8PM

Saturday, Feb. 14 at 2PM & 8PM

Sunday, Feb. 15 at 2PM

All Tickets $30
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