Over The River And Through The Woods

A Comedy by Joe DiPietro

Show 2 | November 29th – December 14th, 2014

When Nick’s parents move to Florida, he remains the central object of affection of his four doting Italian-American grandparents, all of whom still live within visiting distance of each other in New Jersey. They are a happy family. But when Nick is offered his dream job as a Marketing Director in Seattle, his grandparents can’t bear the thought of their only grandson moving 3,000 miles away. So they try to think of something (anything!) that will make him want to stay in New Jersey. Overnight, four Italian-American grandparents turn into a determined band of matchmakers! They realize that their best hope of keeping Nick on the East Coast lies in finding him a girl. Will their strategy succeed? We won’t give away the ending…but never underestimate the persuasive powers of four determined grandparents!



Saturday, Nov. 29 at 2PM & 8PM

Sunday, Nov. 30 at 2PM

Thursday, Dec. 4 at 8PM

Friday, Dec. 5 at 8PM

Saturday, Dec. 6 at 2PM & 8PM

Sunday, Dec. 7 at 2PM

Thursday, Dec. 11 at 8PM

Friday, Dec. 12 at 8PM

Saturday, Dec. 13 at 2PM & 8PM

Sunday, Dec. 14 at 2PM

All Tickets $30
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