Robert + Elizabeth: “Dear Love”

A Play in Letters by Jerome Kilty

FRI., FEBRUARY 19th, 2016 @ 2:00pm

“How do I Love You? Let me count the ways…”

When Elizabeth Barrett wrote the sonnet that begins with these words, she immortalized one of the great romances in literary history. By the time Robert Browning and Elizabeth met face to face, they had already exchanged over 500 letters. Playwright Jerome Kilty used these letters to create a Concert Reading that introduces us to these remarkable literary figures just as they came to know each other – through a series of delightfully worded and deeply felt missives. In one of the great love stories of the ages, a handsome young poet rescues the woman he loves from a domineering father, marries her and takes her to live happily ever after in Italy. No Hollywood screenwriter could fabricate the romantic adventure these two remarkable poets actually lived! 

This Concert Reading will feature:

DOLLY WORKMAN as Elizabeth Barrett Browning


RANDOLPH DELLAGO as Robert Browning.



For Tickets Call 561-272-1281 Ext.4