Season’s Greetings From The White House


The winter Holiday Season has been celebrated by each president in his own unique way.

Calvin Coolidge said it well. The holidays are “not a time or a season…but a state of mind”.

During the Great Depression, Hoover shopped at the “five and ten” for gifts for his family, FDR shared his holidays with Churchill planning a strategy for war, and Truman presented friends with an embellished scroll of his D-Day Proclamation.

In more modern times, the Johnsons had the difficult task of planning the holidays  during the days following the assassination of JFK, the Nixon’s recovered treasures of American art with which they adorned the White House, and the Fords and Carters brought an informality to holiday celebrations reflecting their own times and personal style.

The holiday cards sent and the gifts given to staff by our First Families often reflect what was happening in their lives as well as the history of our country.

This lecture presentation will reveal some of the fascinating stories behind these holiday traditions, many of which are both heart-warming and surprising.