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The South Florida Theatre League
’15 Summer Theatre Fest

The theme governing this year’s Summer Theatre  Fest activities is ‘Step Onto Our Stage.’ A unique “step and repeat” has been created especially for the program, featuring theatrical curtains in front of a wall imprinted with the League’s logo. Patrons will be invited to Step Onto Our Stage to be photographed of videoed “on stage” as they are interviewed about their theatrical experiences; and the significance of the arts in their lives. The step and repeat, which made its debut at the South Florida Theatre League sponsored Carbonell Awards “after party,” will travel throughout the summer.

Summer Theatre Fest: Each Monday from June 1 to August 31, a South Florida Theatre League member theatre will host a reading of a new play by a local playwright. Playwrights range from established local favorites, including Carbonell Award-winners and nominees, to emerging talents, with plays vastly ranging in subject matter and style.

The Delray Beach Playhouse

In Association with The South Florida Theatre League


 A Play Reading of:


A Romantic Comedy by: Thomas McLaughlin

Monday, July 20, 2015

Questions? CALL: 561-272-1281 Ext. 4

Shift of Fortune is a story about a well-to-do, attractive 48 year old woman, named Carol, who lost her husband two years ago. For the past two years Carol can’t seem to get over Jack, her loving husband. Carol has no children and is very close to her friends Marie and Kinzie. Marie and Kinzie are becoming more and more frustrated with trying to get Carol to be open to a serious relationship again.

Marie and Kinzie enjoy each other’s risque humor. Carol enjoys it too, but knows she can’t compete. Carol says she has turned over a new leaf and tries to prove it by promising to visit Jack’s grave only once a week instead of the usual twice a week. Marie doesn’t buy Carol’s commitment to change and devises a plan to test her. Marie and Kinzie ask Carol if they can take off their pillow boxing gloves and be more direct with her. Carol says “yes,” and the women move to phase two of their plan.

The plot moves, the twists come and a shift or two of fortunes occurs. With the addition of some more risque jokes, we come to the end where things seen to turn out OK.