Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

A Comedy by Christopher Durang
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Show 5 | May 20th – June 4th, 2017

Christopher Durang’s hilarious family comedy tells the story of three self-absorbed middle-aged siblings. Ma- sha is a successful film actress, who (at 50) is no longer being offered the sexy roles that made her famous. Her sister and brother continue to live in the family home in Bucks County, supported through the years by Masha’s lucrative film career. Her income dwindling, Masha has been advised to sell the family home; but for her siblings, this would be a life-altering catastrophe. A potential family tragedy quickly turns comic when we begin to realize how utterly clueless each sibling is about the effect of their actions on others, in- cluding the family housekeeper (a voodoo priestess) and Masha’s hyper-sexual “boy-toy” named Spike. To no one’s surprise, this comic tour-de-force won the 2013 Tony Award as “THE BEST PLAY OF THE YEAR!”  Call today for theatre tickets.

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