Words . . . Alive! is a series by three women who are passionate about theatre and books. They perform four dynamic programs each year filled with drama, humor and insights. By taking books, essays, plays and other written works, they develop a memorable script that is then read and acted by them on stage, play reading style.

About Words . . . Alive!

Over ten years ago, Eunice Bernard and Carol Clarke met in a play reading class. They shared a mutual love for the written word and for the dramatic arts. Within a year, they formed Words…Alive! and began to create dynamic programs filled with drama, humor and insights. Eunice is a transplanted New Yorker with extensive experience in the performing arts. Carol, also a New Yorker, became a writer and an educator, while continuing her passion for acting in regional theatre. Dolly Workman is an actress with a wide range of roles in her credits and is presently Director of the Young Actor’s Workshops at The Delray Beach Playhouse. Since its inception, Words…Alive! has performed for over two hundred organizations, entertaining enthusiastic audiences all the way from West Palm to Miami Beach.


2015-2016 SEASON


Thurs. Oct. 15, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Growing older seems the hardest change of all until we remember the other life times that we have lived. Selections that range from Judith Viorst to Sheila Banani, from Linda Ellerbee to Wendy Wasserstein will leave you touched, amused, and thoughtful. Like the Russian dolls nestled inside of each other, we are many ‘selves’ inside one being. Follow this path of discovery with us.



Thurs. Dec. 3, 2015 at 2:00 pm

“We fall in love and fight our way out of it…unless we are blessed and love endures.” The words of Stephen Sondheim, Art Buchwald, Jane Hirshfield, Henrik Ibsen, Lois Wyse and others are brought wondrously alive to capture the many complexities of relationships and marriage, including the courage it takes to truly love and the personal dignity that must be maintained if love is to last.



Thurs. Feb. 4, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Friends for a season or for a reason or for a lifetime bring us joy, share our sorrows, and make life worth living. This program celebrates friendship in all its trials, tribulations and triumphs. We dedicate the show to our wonderful audiences who have warmed us with their applause and inspired us with their praise over the past fifteen years.



Thurs. Mar. 31, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Live the stories of women who have stood tall above the fray to shape the destinies of their families, their professions their countries, and their own personal fates. You will meet women of history like Golda Meier, Margaret Sanger, Eleanor Roosevelt as well as memorable women from fiction and every day life. Each has an unforgettable voice and a vision to share with us.



Thurs. May 26, 2016 at 2:00 pm

You don’t have to know how to play bridge to enjoy this wacky comedy because it is really about survival and forgiveness. The year is 1994; looking back on her life Miriam says, “Without coffee klotches, bridge, and five o’clock cocktails we never would have survived the suburbs in the 1950’s” This show captures the changes and challenges experienced by the ‘greatest generation’ in all its glory and frustrations while leaving you smiling and feeling a bit nostalgic.


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