Delray Beach Playhouse’s policy prohibits refunds and cancellations on all tickets. All sales are final. If you are unable to use tickets for Delray Beach Playhouse presentations, you may donate them to the Delray Beach Playhouse’s annual fund as a tax-deductible contribution, provided they are returned to the Box Office at least 72 hours in advance of the performance.

Tickets for Main Stage Plays, Musical Memories and Feelin’ Groovy presentations, although contract requirements restrict us from accepting them as tax-deductible contributions, can be exchanged for another performance of the same show for a $10.00 fee, if they are available. If you are unable to exchange for the same show, tickets can be exchanged to another Main Stage PlaysMusical Memories or Feelin’ Groovy show for a $25.00 fee. Return your tickets to the Box Office prior to the opening night of the show.


  • Individual ticket prices are $42 per Main Stage Plays and Musical memories shows. 
  • Individual ticket sales and ticket exchanges for Main Stage Plays, Musical Memories and Feelin’ Groovy begin Sept. 6, 2022 *exchange fee may apply 
  • Box Office reserves the right to sell side-pair seats only to couples.


  • All sales are final. No refunds. 
  • There is a $5.00 convenience fee per ticket for all phone and Internet orders. 
  • Tickets from all phone and internet orders can be picked up in the Box Office at Will Call prior to or day of the performance. 


  • Ticket exchange request on day of performance, if granted will be charged a $25 flat fee.
  • Ticket exchanges for Patrons, Subscribers and non-subscriber buyers will be charged a $10.00 exchange fee per show. 
  • Partial exchanges are not available. (e.g. every member on one sale must exchange together). 
  • Unlimited free exchanges within a run of a show are available to Personal Angels and above members. 
  • Exchanging shows between Main Stage Plays and Musical Memories series are available to ArchAngels and above member levels. *See pages 4 and 5 for membership levels. (e.g. you could exchange your first Main Stage Play in December to any Musical Memories show during the season, vice versa).