Annual Meeting

To the Members of the Delray Beach Playhouse.
Thank you for your support, your patience and mostly for your love of Live Theatre.
We are blessed with the most remarkable Executive Director, Kevin Barrett. Prior to the pandemic he made huge improvements to our repertoire and facility. During our shuttered year, with the support of a phenomenal staff, he continued to find ways to make it even better.  
To fulfill your membership responsibilities, please vote for the nominees, to your Board of Governors, presented in Kevin’s Virtual Annual Meeting. Along with your vote, we look forward to your questions and comments.
The Board of Governors invite you to celebrate, next year, the 75th Anniversary of your Delray Beach Playhouse.
I wish to thank our Board of Governors, Playhouse staff and volunteers for their efforts to survive and thrive during a very challenging year.
Jay Alperin D.D.S.
President of your Board of Governors