“Anything can happen if you let it!”

If you are interested in auditioning for any of the 2022-2023 Main Stage Plays at the Delray Beach Playhouse, see below for audition information. 

All auditions for Main Stage plays will be held at the Delray Beach Playhouse at 7:30 PM. *No appointment or reservation necessary. Prepared monologues are welcome, but not necessary. For further information, call (561) 272-1281.


Plaza Suite

A Play by Neil Simon

Auditions: January 2 and 3

(3 Men / 2 Women)

Neil Simon’s popular triptych features three one-act plays all set in the same hotel suite: Suite 719 of the Plaza Hotel in New York. The first [The Visitor from Mamaronek] tells the story of Sam and Karen, a couple who are revisiting the site of their honeymoon in the hope of rekindling the passion they had once felt as newlyweds. The second act [The Visitor from Hollywood] depicts a rendevouz between a movie producer named Jesse Kiplinger and a suburban housewife named Muriel Tate, a woman he’s had a crush on since they were students in High School. The third act [A Visitor from Forest Hills[ revolves around a couple’s desperate efforts to coax their altar-shy daughter out of the bathroom to go through a very costly wedding they’ve prepared for her. PLAZA SUITE remains one of the finest plays from America’s favorite comic playwright. [Rehearsals will begin on February 13.]


Noises Off 

A Comedy by Michael Frayn

Auditions: January 30 and 31

(6 Men / 3 Women)

This now-classic British farce recounts the catastrophic melt-down of  a regional theatre production of a play called NOTHING ON in which everything – but EVERYTHING! – goes wrong. Act One depicts the play’s fraught dress rehearsal. Act Two lets us watch the actual performance of the play as it slowly implodes on-stage. And Act Three gives us a view of the play ten weeks into its run when the cast is past caring what transpires on-stage. NOISES OFF is the ultimate “backstage comedy” featuring every theatrical type: the inexperienced ingenue who keeps losing her contact lenses, the stolid leading man, the half-deaf older actor, the easily flustered stage manager, the temperamental director, and so on. We can only note that Frank Rich called NOISES OFF “The funniest play written in my lifetime!” [Rehearsals for the show will begin on March 30.]