Kevin Barrett - Executive Director
Kevin is a 30-year veteran arts administration executive who has managed multiple performing arts centers in Massachusetts and Florida during a highly successful career to date. Some of the venues he's managed include Springfield Symphony Hall, Springfield Civic Center, Coral Springs Center for the Arts, our very own, Delray Beach Playhouse, and the Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center. 
Randolph DelLago - Artistic Director
Randolph has been the Artistic Director at the Delray Beach Playhouse since 1982. After graduating at the University of North Carolina, he attended The Center for the Study of Drama at the University of Toronto before returning to his home state of North Carolina. Besides his great love of theatre, music, and books; he is also a passionate cook, and especially loves French cuisine. He says, "In my lifetime, I want to read as many of the good books, hear as much of the good music, see as many of the good films, know as many of the best people and direct as many of the good plays as I possibly can."
Andre Lancaster - Technical Director
Andre is our Technical Director here at the Delray Beach Playhouse. He began working at the playhouse in 1998 as a freelancer and joined the team full time in 2017. Andre enjoys  spending time with his five children and flying his model airplanes. His favorite shows at the Playhouse were Little Shop of Horrors & I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change! 
Ben Witte - Box Office Director
Ben has been working at the Delray Beach Playhouse for three years as the Box Office Director and he also specializes in all of our video editing. His hobbies include playing piano, renovating his home, and spending time with his family. A fun fact about Ben is that he is an avid foodie! He can even eat two whole subs in one sitting! His favorite show at the Playhouse was California Suite
Dominika Ortonowski - Marketing Director
Dominika has been working at the Delray Beach Playhouse since November 2020 as our Marketing Director. Her favorite things to do in her free time are practice yoga, cook, and relax at the beach with her loved ones. A fun fact about Dominika is that she is first generation American and has dual citizenship to Poland. She was excited to see Take Me Back To Manhattan in January since it was the first show she got to advertise!
Lisa Bender - Usher & Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa has been working for the Delray Beach Playhouse for three and a half years as our Box Office Representative and Usher\Volunteer Coordinator. Previously, she worked at a live theatre for comedy, concerts, and film for 15 years. In her free time, she enjoys shopping (ONLY before the mask era). Lisa has also been an esthetician and makeup artist for 28 years! Her favorite show at the Playhouse was 1940’s Radio Hour.

Bridget Callinan - Programming and Event Coordinator 
Bridget joined our staff in February 2021. As a recent college graduate, she is excited to begin her career path with the Playhouse and grow in the live entertainment industry. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, reading rom-com novels, and taking walks. A fun fact about Bridget is that she has been twirling batons since she was just four years old! Bridget is looking forward to our comedy acts and shows. 

Xiomara Tejera - Box Office Representative
Xiomara Tejera is an actress and a graduate of the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Before the pandemic, Xiomara performed at the NYC Winter Festival and more recently, she filmed in GA on a feature film that will be released next year. Before acting, Xiomara has served four honorable years in the United States Marine Corps. Xiomara is also a bit of a globe trotter; she's visited eight countries and 15 states! Xiomara is looking forward to the upcoming shows and musicals. 
Tyler Smith - Box Office Representative 
Tyler Smith is a recent FAU graduate who loves spending his free time writing and producing music. He grew up in the South Florida area, and is a huge fan of the beach and anything nature related. His favorite place that he’s traveled so far is Colorado, and he’s the proud owner of 2 cats. 
Eszter Gyarfas - Box Office Representative
Eszter bounces from the Delray Beach Playhouse and the Mizner Centre as a Box Office Representative. In her free time, she enjoys listening to jazz, skiing, and reading. A fun fact about Eszter is that she has been to more than 17 countries! You will also notice her adorable Golden Retriever, Eevee, at the office some Friday's! Eevee loves her squeaky toys and cuddles. Eszter’s favorite show was Secret Comedy of Women
Lori Winchell - Sanitation Coordinator
Lori has been working with the Delray Beach Playhouse for about four years as the Sanitation Coordinator. Her job is especially important during this time since she is responsible for sanitizing the theatre before, during, and in between shows for the safety of our guests and staff against Covid-19. In her free time, she enjoys crafting, sewing, and knitting. A fun fact about Lori is that she owns 12 pet Siamese mice! Her favorite show at the Playhouse was Little Shop of Horrors