Young Actors’ Workshop

Miss Dolly created this program to teach the craft of acting and to empower children with confidence and social skills – after all, “All the world’s a stage.”

Training Overview

Drama Program:

In the drama program, students will be trained in classical theatre techniques. Participants will explore the world of acting through improvisation, mime, scene study, speech and relaxation exercises, voice/projection, cold readings, and theatre games.

Music & Dance Program:

In the music and dance program, students will learn the essentials of song and dance performance. Led by Broadway veteran and Director of the Maltz Jupiter Theatre Touring Company, Brian Andrews, participants will study all aspects of musical theatre, including singing, song-phrasing, interpretation, rhythm, choreography, and using the whole body as an instrument.


Dolly Workman – Program Director

  • 40+ years of experience teaching acting.
  • Extensive stage acting and directing experience.
  • B.A. in Theatre from McGill University.
  • Advanced Degree: Montreal Repertory Theatre
  • Acting coach for arts school auditions (ask about private lessons).