Chris Mitchell


Chris Mitchell has loved the stage since childhood, first starring in home productions of skits and plays with his cousins much to the annoyance of his parents and neighbors. Later he became active in amateur and children’s theater and played Ambrose Kemper in Hello Dolly! A New Yorker by birth and a Londoner by heart, Chris has called Delray Beach home since 2019. He has also lived in Rome, Shanghai, and Dubai and has enjoyed the local theater all around the world. Chris enjoyed his first role at the Delray Beach as the actual visiting vicar Mr Arthur Humphrey in See How They Run in 2019 and looks forward to many more wonderful performances at the theater. His past performances include New York and London amateur theater. Chris has appeared on television in the United States and the UK and had a small role in an independent film The Cellar Dwellers. By day Chris is a mortgage loan officer in Delray Beach and is also a commercial actor.


  • See How They Run


  • The Cellar Dwellers