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Showdown at the Deli

February 9, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

On his first date with Carol, Harry strolled into his favorite deli and waved the waiter over with a flourish. Smiling, Carol ordered a pastrami on white with lots of mayo. Pastrami on white with mayo? Not on your life! Was this date chopped liver… or just the appetizer?

ABOUT OUR INTERACTIVE STUDIO THEATRE SERIES: Our audiences are raving, and saying it’s the best kept secret at the Playhouse! Please join us for three clever matinee performances filled with heart-felt moments, unexpected twists, and lots and lots of laughter! In every show, you’ll see a series of short vignettes. Each sketch poses a different problem or situation for the characters. Some stories may bring a smile and some may bring a tear, but every act is unforgettable, and here’s why: the audience is invited to talk to the characters on stage and help them figure out how to solve their problems! After each act, we’ll bring a microphone into the audience, and ‘talk-show style’, you can choose to make a comment, give an insight, or ask a question. Of course, you can also choose to simply sit back and enjoy the comments of those around you. It’s always fun, it’s always intriguing, it’s often hilarious, and it’s always a great afternoon of entertainment!

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