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The Life And Song Of John Lennon And The Beatles

February 8 @ 2:00 PM


February 9, 2024 marks the 60thanniversary of the Beatles’ arrival in the U.S., on the Ed Sullivan Show.  John Lennon led the band from working class Liverpool to global fame and became a celebrated songwriter of the 20thcentury. Along the way, he was transformed from bullying boyfriend to a level of maturity reflected in his song lyrics, but his activism against the Vietnam war got him on Nixon’s ‘enemies list’ and caused legal problems. Hear the fascinating story of the boss Beatle and sing along with his hit songs with the Beatles, to Please Please MeIf I Fell, Ticket to Ride, Strawberry Fields, Help, This Boy, Norwegian WoodIn My Life, Imagineand more, recounting his life with the Fab Four, then with Yoko Ono.