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VIRTUAL SHOW – A Dolls House: Part 2

June 25 - July 2

PLEASE NOTE: These tickets are for virtual shows ONLY! After purchasing your virtual ticket, the website link and password with instructions on how to view it will be emailed to you on the day of the show listed below. You will have one week to watch the video at your own convenience. If you should have any additional questions or concerns, please give us a call at 561-272-1281!

In 1879, Henrik Ibsen wrote a play called A DOLL’S HOUSE in which a woman named Nora Torvald rebels against the restrictions her society imposes upon young wives and mothers. Rather than spending her life and wasting her energy serving as an unpaid domestic, she packs a bag and walks out of the house, leaving her husband and two children and slamming the door as she leaves. Ibsen’s play was considered so shocking, George Bernard Shaw referred to Nora’s gesture in revolutionary terms as “the door slam heard ’round the world.”

Lucas Hnath’s play begins one day (fifteen years later) when Nora returns to her home to see her children and to tell theatre audiences what they have been waiting for over 140 years to hear. How did she survive? What did she accomplish? And does she have any regrets?

THE NEW YORK TIMES hailed the play as “Smart, funny and utterly engrossing!” [And , no, you don’t need to know Ibsen’s play to thoroughly enjoy this one.]

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