We are always looking for outstanding members of the community to help us with upcoming shows and events. We need good people to help out in any number of capacities!

  • Volunteer and learn about our theatre’s artistic view and how it works with our in-house operations.
  • You can learn about set style or tone, you can learn to create mood and atmosphere to set the stage.
  • Learn about on-stage movement of the actors and the way elevation and dimension change the action.
  • Help build scenery and set up lights. Learn how to set up sound and even help with costume design.
  • If you have any connections to help us find props, equipment, or other relationships we always welcome that as well!
  • Learn about the theatre space and how our rigging system works.
  • Help manage backstage to ensure the smooth flow of the performance.
  • Learn our safety regulations of course, as well (no stuff blocking the firehose!)
  • Help us keep a clean and organized shop with all our tools back in the right places.
  • Learn proper operation of shop tools and equipment.
  • Work alongside our technical director, artistic director, and all of our consulting professionals in every area.

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