2020-2021 Audition Information

“Anything can happen if you let it!” If you are interested in auditioning for any of the 2020-2021 Main Stage Plays at the Delray Beach Playhouse, see below for audition information.

All auditions will be held at the Delray Beach Playhouse at 7:30 PM. Prepared monologues are welcome, but not necessary. For further information, call (561) 272-1281 Ext. 5.


Auditions: March 15 and 16, 2021 | [6 Women (ages 18-Mature)]

One of the most popular and frequently revived plays in American regional theatre, this story (drawn from the real-life observations by author Robert Harling of his mother and her friends) tells the story of Truvy Jones who operates a beauty parlor in Chinquapin, Louisiana. Since every woman who’s “anybody” in Chinquapin comes to Truvy’s, we meet Ouiser (the town’s loveable curmudgeon, Miss Clairee (the owner of the local radio station), M’Lynn (a modern career woman), Annelle (Truvy’s apprentice beautician)  and Shelby (M’Lynn’s lovely young daughter). A comedy-drama in the truest sense, STEEL MAGNOLIAS is a dream play for actresses of every age. [Rehearsals begin on April 13.]


Auditions: March 17 and 18, 2021 | [3 Women / 1 Man]

In 1879, Henrik Ibsen wrote a play called A DOLL’S HOUSE in which a young wife and mother rebelled against the restrictions imposed upon her in a completely patriarchal 19th Century society. So she left her husband and children to explore the world at large. When she left, she literally slammed the door behind her. George Bernard Shaw later referred to this action as “a door slam heard around the world.” Ibsen’s play was roundly damned, castigated and banned in several countries as immoral. Three years ago, Lucas Hnath wrote a sequel to Ibsen’s play in which Nora returns to her home after an absence of 15 years and answers a question theatergoers have been asking for 140 years: What did Nora do during those 15 years? The cast of four includes Nora (35-50), her husband (40-55), her daughter 17 to 25) and her old housekeeper (over 50). Needless to say, each role is a gem. [Rehearsals begin on May 3.]